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Two weeks in – Craving carbs


It’s funny how awful sweets look when you think of all the sugar, oil and chemicals they contain. But how suddenly they all look sooooo good and you have to have them when you’re craving carbs. Don’t you agree? (these or bread, or pasta or pizza, etc)

I would be lying if I said this adjustment has been easy so far. Some days, yes, I feel good for eating well, I have lost a few kilos, I sleep really well and feel lighter. I eat as much as I want because I do not want to be hungry! I’m not “on a diet”, I am just making healthier choices. But let me tell you…

The first 2 days, I felt like a drug addict! I got a carb-craving headache both evenings! I promise you this is true. If anyone has experienced the same withdrawal symptoms, please let me know! I’m curious to know if it happens to other people than me. It’s weird, I could tell it was from the craving. Not really “craving”, because my mind didn’t really crave carbs, but my body certainly did! I do get headaches sometimes, and I can tell this wasn’t like the ones I usually get.

Anyway, past the headache stage, I have been enjoying it. I noticed I don’t feel sleepy in the afternoon after lunch, which is already a huge improvement!

Tip: for each recipe that I have cooked, except the salad of course, I cooked a large amount of it and froze the rest in portion size freezer bags. I now have 4 different home made frozen dishes in my freezer. That is very good for when I haven’t got time or simply don’t want to cook.
(4 dishes and an average of three bags of each: ratatouille, chilli con carne, green vegetable soup, and butternut squash, curry and chorizo soup)