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H I   E V E R Y O N E  !

Welcome to Eating well in 2013!

Why a blog?

Every year, I have been going on a diet before summer and short skirts time, having an ideal “healthy routine” in mind and every year, just a few weeks later, I would get back to my old habits. This year, I have decided that I had had enough of this! I want this “yoyo diet lifestyle” to end and change for a healthier life for many years to come. It all started when I thought about New Year’s resolutions. I wanted to focus on something that had been bothering me for a while, and address the matter seriously. When you’re not happy with your behaviour in whatever area, eventually, it has to end. I want to feel confident, good about myself, do what is right and stop whinging about my weight! It’s time to act! So, this year is going to be about building a more balanced, healthier diet, that I can realistically adopt and stay on for good. I care about my health and want to be as healthy as possible as I get older.  So, my aim for this year is simple, I will reduce the quantity of refined carbohydrate and sugar in my diet (because I honestly eat way too much bread, pasta and chocolate. And biscuits). And I will try to fill the gap with vegetables and legumes. Lots of them. But it’s not all about being healthy, I want to eat tasty meals too! So this change will require a bit of creativity (HELP!!).

I figured that writing down my goal would probably help me achieve it. This blog is literally a pinboard for anyone who is going through the same kind of changes to come and share their experiences with me (and tips maybe?). I will add my favourite recipes on a ‘recipe page’ and talk about the ups and downs of finding a healthy balance in the ‘diary’ section.

About me:

My name is Alix, I am 30 years old and live in London, UK. I am studying nutrition and health at university, I also work as a nanny and freelance image keyword editor. I have been finding it hard to be healthy when having very little time to cook and when feeling tired after work and uni. I am a carb lover and a chocolate lover too! So reducing the amount of carbs and sugar from my diet is going to be challenging but I feel addicted and tired and I think  l i f e   c o u l d   b e   b e t t e r   i f   I   a t e   b e t t e r.   I need more energy for work and better concentration for uni and I know both energy and concentration depend a lot on food (and sleep). And if, on the way, I lose a bit of weight, I won’t be complaining.

I am really looking forward to this! Don’t hesitate to get involved :-)

!! Happy healthy 2013 !!

40 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Michelle S

    hi there….
    thanks for stopping by runtontorun….
    Like your blog- finding a balance is hard, isn’t it?
    Was going to say look at eat think sweat- its a nz blog(like mine) but her recipes are really good.
    A little hard core but tasty recipes….
    Frugal feeding has nice recipes too…
    I was going to say my bread blog ‘greedybread’ but that is a mix of good and bad:)….
    Also fit religion and food religion are quite interesting…
    I like healthy BUT i also like being realistic…so 80/20 mix is good for me:)
    Look forward to your posts

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Hi Michelle, thanks for your message. I agree, 80/20 is a pretty good balance. I’ll check out the blog you mentioned but it sounds familiar, I might have seen it before. I think finding a balance is especially hard when, to me at least, when I fall off the wagon. But I’m starting to see it differently and yes, 80/20 is not falling off the wagon, it’s more like being a pretty healthy human being. So, I’m also following this path :)

  2. bezzymates

    I can so relate, Alix. I was on the yo-yo cycle for years. Now, I’m striving for a healthy and balanced life, with more nutritious foods and a lot of exercise. Bet wishes!

  3. emmakealy

    Thanks for following my blog :D ! I so know how it feels to on the yo-yo diet or constantly say to myself that i am too big, too un-toned….don’t look good enough, literally spent years saying it, even as a fitness instructor i still used to say it to myself! But i had somewhat of a revelation or epiphany about 2 months ago and have since then only told myself ‘you look amazing’ etc and it has actually spurred me on since to eat even better, exercise and practice yoga/meditation for my mind & body instead of just my looks, So be nice to you, i’m sure you are amazing, and make sure you tell yourself it too :D :D !!! Also i have some options for healthy dish’s as i am always experimenting, i will be posting some soon :D

  4. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    Thanks Emma for your lovely message. It’s true that focusing on the positive makes a difference. Since I started my New Year’s resolutions I feel much better anyway, so I think this is definitely the way forward :). Will be checking your blog for some healthy tasty recipes!

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  6. EyeCandyPopper

    It does get easier and easier with time, and just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have treats, just make them yourself and use high quality ingredients :) I’ve been eating organic for 12+ years and never looked back. Best of luck in your new journey to a healthier life!

  7. Monique

    Hi Alix

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Since you have already stopped by you know will know that I am in exactly the same boat as you, so it is great to meet a fellow traveller on the road to wellness! I wrote about my approach in: http://winhungergames.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/a-bold-experiment/ and I have also committed myself to blogging accountability as I make progress. I am sugar junkie so definitely aiming to kick this godawful habit. I have a slightly different take on “carbs” though. Staying away from refined carbs but still including complex carbs from fruit, vegetables and carefully selected whole grains.

    I am also determined to eat delicious food, so spend a lot of time on the Internet looking for recipes. I just made these last night, so I thought I would share the link from “The Nourishing Kitchen” (amazing recipe blog!). Perfect for chocolate lovers! http://www.thenourishinggourmet.com/2009/08/chocolate-raspberry-coconut-flour-cupcakes-gluten-grain-and-dairy-free.html! They are made with coconut flour which is super filling and high in fiber, so absolutely perfect for someone avoiding carbs from grains. Would love to hear what you think of them!

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Hi Monique! Thanks for your message and link. I will have a look at it. I guess I get a lot of my carbs now from veg, beans and other legumes and a tiny bit from whole grains. What I really wanted to get rid of was the habit of eating pasta and bread. I’m eating more wholesome foods now and feel so much better for it :-)

      1. Monique

        Agreed on the bread and pasta! I am doing much the same as you from the sounds of things. Trying to limit my wheat intake and replace with fabulous pseudo-grains like quinoa and amaranth. If I do use wheat it is either sprouted or organic, whole and stone ground. Basically I don’t buy any ready-made grain based products from a store, regardless of the health claims on the package. If I use grains I get the whole grain and prepare it myself.

        Our food supply is so full of refined sugar and grains, so I completely understand why so many people are reacting against this. However, I am a little concerned about how many people they “don’t eat carbs” these days. I know what they mean by this, but I worry that the “low carb” craze will cause a whole set of new problems just like the “low fat” craze did. A big lightbulb moment for me was realizing that all macronutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates) occur in whole foods and are part of a healthy diet. The problem occurs when the food industry gets hold of these and starts manipulating them. From fat they make hydrogenated and transfats, and from complex carbs they make simple carbs (sugar and white flour). And that’s how we landed in the mess that we now find ourselves :(

        So best of luck with your sustainable, healthy diet. It sounds fantastic and thanks for sharing your story!

      2. Eating well in 2013 Post author

        Totally agree! It is a matter of quality and nutrients. I am buying quinoa for the 1st time this week. Can’t wait to try recipes I have found on blogs. For what I have been told and read, it’s a gold mine :-)

  8. Monique

    Awesome – quinoa is fantastic. I even use a very good quinoa pasta and am experimenting with my own homemade buckwheat pasta! Have you ever tried amaranth? I am currently having a big love affair with puffed amaranth as a cereal or for use in baked goods :)

      1. Monique

        You can read more about amaranth here: http://wholegrainscouncil.org/whole-grains-101/amaranth-may-grain-of-the-month-0. The summary: it is a complete protein, naturally gluten free and lower in carbs than other grains.

        The reason I love it is that you can pop it like popcorn! (on a high heat, with no oil, and get the lid on fast because it flies everywhere! As soon as most kernels are popped get it out of the pan fast because it burns easily). The puffed amaranth is still tiny but it works great as a cereal, or for use in baked goods. Here is a brilliant recipe for you to try if you feel like a cooking adventure! http://www.edibleperspective.com/home/2011/3/19/a-little-different.html

  9. kezza107

    I love hearing people say they are changing their eating habits to be healthy and happy, you are inspirational and doing it all for the right reasons!
    Also, thanks for following my blog :)

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Hey! Thanks for your message! Well I thought our goals seemed quite similar and I liked reading your blog too. I hope many more people join the group of choosing health over cravings. Have a nice day :-)

  10. kylabee

    Sounds like you and I have a lot of the same cravings and weaknesses. I try to have more veggies each day with lunch instead of fruit to help with my sugar. It is hard to cut it out though even when you eat healthy.

    Good luck with your goal and make them small ones so they are easier to stick to. In the long run you will be more successful or at least I have found that for me.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. Have a great weekend.

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Thanks for your support, I agree with you, in time it becomes easier, I think it’s a matter of getting used to a new routine. Good luck to you too. It sounds like you’re doing well :-)

  11. thingsmybellylikes

    You are a nanny, a student AND an editor?! Woman, I’m surprised you have time to eat, let alone cook! Your blog is the best internet discovery I have made today (although that title might be reclaimed later if the internet spits out something awesomely funny about cats)…thanks. I *heart* your manifesto. Life is definitely about what you put in your belly. Food = health = everything!

  12. Tony

    You are on the right track, Alix. Remember, it is a one day at a time deal. Writing the blog has helped me over the past 3+ years to get into the best health of my life and also my lowest weight since high school. Just continue to walk the walk as you talk the talk. I lived in London years ago when I worked for Reuters on Fleet St. Great city!

  13. travelingaround50

    Thank you dear, for follow. You have a good thing on your mind. Don’t give up. You know, all this about eating worries me as well. But what worries me even more is, how healthy is our healthy food. So, we are in… food. Heals over head:)

  14. nutrishus

    Love it! Good work you’re doing, can’t wait to see what’s yet to come. Found your blog on the JOFR community, noticed that not only are you in my old stomping grounds in the South of France (SO jealous) but that you made some homemade hummus like me the other day– YUM! Can’t wait to try your recipes.

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Hey! Thanks for your comment, are you also an ambassador for the Food Revolution? Where about in the south did you live (hang out)? I’m in le Var for the summer, somewhere between Toulon and St Tropez :-)

      1. nutrishus

        That’s amazing! Yes I’m an ambassador for the Food Rev as well! I was in Aix-en-Provence but visited St. Tropez, Nice and Monaco also! So beautiful, the food of course is so fresh and amazing, and you cannot beat that Mediterranean blue. Have you visited the fields of lavender? If so I’m insanely jealous because I got there too late in August to experience it last summer.

      2. Eating well in 2013 Post author

        Ha I haven’t visited the fields of lavender. To be honest I didn’t really know about them. I’m sure its too late too now. Next year! Just had a look at your blog, love your French video with the French guy in it. He’s quite cute, good job! ;-)

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