Why not have salad for breakfast?

I’ve been watching documentaries about the health benefits of raw vegetables and fruits lately, and all I can say is, do it! Invite vegetables to your plate and you’ll do yourself a big favour. It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables need to be part of everyone’s diet. We have all heard for years now, about the 5-a-day. I don’t want to scare you but 5-a-day? It isn’t that much. Really, if you make a little effort you could make this 10-a-day and feed yourself with vitamins, minerals and fibre, so many things that our body needs for optimum functioning.

I found that, in this season particularly, it is easy to add more veg to my plate by having a salad for breakfast instead of toast. The other day I made a big salad with mixed green leaves, spinach, avocado, tomato, cucumber, walnuts and a mix of seeds (pumpkin, etc). Not only the salad was delicious, but I felt full and great after having it. It was 8am, and I had already had about 2 to 3 portions of fresh and raw vegetables! Of course, there were calories in this salad, especially coming from the avocado, nuts and olive oil, but you need calories to use as fuel for the day ahead. It’s just a matter of selecting the good ones. Since then, I have had salad for breakfast again, or just slices of organic juicy tomato and cucumber. It’s sweet, refreshing, hydrating and nourishing. Honestly, I don’t know anything else you could wish for… :-)

Have a lovely weekend fellow bloggers and friends xx

3 thoughts on “Why not have salad for breakfast?

  1. Lin

    You’re right, eating a big bowl of salad for breakfast is the right way to start your day with an energy boost and with the nutrients we need! I usually make a salad mixed with lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, sometimes avocados, grated carrot, scallions (or another kind of fresh herb like diced cilantro to give it a tangy-spicy feel), celery and red onions, topped with some grated cheese and chopped nuts and with a virgin olive oil-based dressing (I change the dressings to change things up! some days I just have lemon and olive oil and salt, other days I do honey, olive oil and vinegar – or a honey-mustard, but definitely put in a small dab of salt). Then for my morning drink, I’ll make myself some fresh-brewed green tea… I get the real green tea (with the leaves), make a few cups worth of it, put some honey in while it’s hot, mix all together and then I let it cool down, I drain it into a pitcher (without the leaves) and put it in the fridge and it’s just mildly sweet but really yummy when it’s cold! Enjoy! :-)


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