My First 10K !!

London 10K run

I don’t want to write much about this but I just wanted to say to anyone who think they can’t run, I think you can. I ran my first 10k run on Saturday. It was hard, but I’m glad I did it. It was a night run in Victoria Park (London). There was such a great atmosphere, women only, friends, dj’s, prosecco at the finish line, what more do you need? I can’t wait to register for my next run!

Note to self for next time: Don’t forget to stretch at the end or you’ll hurt for 3 days!Image

11 thoughts on “My First 10K !!

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Hi Holly, thanks for your message. I used to think I couldn’t run at all, I tried and I was out of breath after 10 minutes, but I don’t know what changed, I tried again more recently and with a bit of training (running twice a week) I got there. I think you should try if you like running! But 5K is good too, whatever exercise you do, what matters is that you’re exercising. Oh yeh, one more thing, now that I run 10K, I keep meeting people who run half marathons… Now that’s intimidating!!

      1. eatgreatbegreat

        Thanks for the response! I really should try to doing a 10k…twice a week training is totally doable. I definitely agree…half marathons…kinda scary…lol!

  1. Russell Bowes

    I did my first 10k last year in Hyde Park, not a bad route. I did think, “I hope I don’t have to stop half way”. But on the day found it much easier than training runs, I think running with people gives you a real boost.

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      It’s funny because I felt the opposite. Running with people all around you, some running slower, some overtaking, I found it disturbing and found it really hard. But the overall atmosphere made it worth the effort. I’d definitely like to do another one.


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