Papaya For Breakfast



I was feeling thirsty and found myself dreaming about fruits I eat in the south of France: apricots, white peaches, watermelon… They are so sweet and refreshing.

But well… I live in London, so I went to my local supermarket hoping to find something that would make a fresh and tasty alternative to my French fruit dream. And I bought a papaya.

I’m sure many of you have had papayas before but I didn’t and I had to look online how to prepare a papaya. And for those of you who, like me, didn’t know, it’s easy.

  1. I peeled the skin off and sliced the papaya in half
  2. I removed the seeds with a spoon
  3. Then sliced it
  4. And I squeezed the juice of half a lemon

Papaya slicedImage

I tried it without the lemon but I think the lemon gives it a nice sharper flavour.

Trying new foods is now part of my goals and this one is a winner! I ate it in no time! Now to enjoy a sunny day of revision in the garden with a big jug of water with lemon and orange slices :)

9 thoughts on “Papaya For Breakfast

  1. ifhipscouldlie

    this has given me massive papaya cravings! reminds me of being on holiday in the sun too… if it stays this sunny until tomorrow (unlikely) i may have to buy some and pretend i’m somewhere exotic and not stuck inside writing essays…

    1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

      Did you manage to get out despite the essay writing? And find papayas? What are you studying by the way? I have an exam tomorrow (immunology) so better go to bed. Not going to be easy…

      1. ifhipscouldlie

        I haven’t left my flat in days! Studying History of Art, and have a 5000 word essay due in on Wednesday which is killing me! Good luck on your exam tomorrow – I will celebrate with some lemon soaked papaya when I hand this thing in!

  2. hungrygirleats

    It has enzymes that are good for digestion too! I eat it by slicing it in half, removing the seeds and using the skin as a “bowl”…. Use a spoon to scoop each bite. :) fun!


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