* NUTRIENTS IN FOOD* is what matters


Dishes I cooked in January and February 2013. Simple, tasty, nutritious.

This is just a thought I want to share with you, my lovely followers (and anyone interested). We really tend to focus on the ‘bad saturated fat’ and the ‘evil sugar’ when it comes to food. What if we were thinking wrong? There are hundreds of foods out there that offer health benefits. This is why eating a variety of natural foods and home-made recipes is so important. A few examples here:

  • Fruits, packed with vitamins including vitamin c and its antioxidant power (fighting free radicals)
  • Oily fish for omega 3 (heart health, also oil is essential for fat-soluble vitamin absorption)
  • Colourful veg such as carrots and red peppers for beta-carotene (antioxidant again)
  • Spices ie: turmeric (good for mood lifting)
  • Calcium rich foods for bone health (dairy, almonds)

I could stretch the list but I just want to focus on the fact that food nourishes us, gives us beautiful skin, helps us sleep, increases our energy, strengthen our bones, helps us with memory. And so on…

It’s not a myth. I’ve been testing it for two months now and I can really feel the difference! It takes one quick look on other blogs on WordPress.com to see that I’m not the only one. I know that all this information on ‘nutrient content in food’ can be overwhelming. That’s why I learn one thing at a time, at my own pace, working towards healthier nutritional habits :)

16 thoughts on “* NUTRIENTS IN FOOD* is what matters

  1. Steve

    Nutrition in food is a fascinating subject, particularly when it comes to health giving properties. I would say Turmeric is more well know as a spice that fights certain kinds of cancer as opposed to mood, I eat loads of turmeric and I am a grumpy old man… apparently :D

  2. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    Hi Steve, thanks for your message. Good to know about the cancer fighting properties of Turmeric! One good thing about veg and spices and fruits etc is that we eat them because we know of one of their health benefits when in facts they have many more!! :)
    I did a bit a reading on whether it was true or not that it helps with mood and I found some reliable scientific studies saying it could be used as a “natural long lasting antidepressant”!
    Here is what I found: https://eatingwellin2013.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/black-eyed-peas-will-lift-my-mood-this-winter/

  3. mariekeates

    I’ve been saying the same thing recently. Maybe we should be thinking more about eating the good things rather than concentrating all our efforts on cutting out the bad stuff :)

  4. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    Absolutely! It’s a way of looking at things. Too many people, and me for a long time too, focus on what not to eat in order to avoid weight gain and / or disease but instead we should want to eat food that promotes our health. What happened that made us forget about that?

    1. cheeriofatty

      The diet industry happened! That made us fetishise food and have a weird relationship with food. And encouraged us to abstain and eschew and get all neurotic so that we would be permanently on a diet or thinking about dieting etc. Rather than, as you say, eating balanced and flavourful and primarily homemade food! (Which is so much more nutritious and fulfilling.)

      1. Eating well in 2013 Post author

        Yes… very good point. Although when you say it like that it sounds like there’s not much we can do about it. It’s making me a bit sad. To be honest, one of the positive sides of the latest horse meat scandal is that it is opening eyes to the people who eat a lot of ready meals, diet or not. Not only these meals are not very nutritious but we don’t even know what’s in it!! Nothing beats home cooked food and fresh veg!

    2. cheeriofatty

      Sorry for depressing you! I didn’t mean to do that! I guess we can change our eating habits as individuals and keep extolling the virtues of proper, I-know-exactly-what-went-into-it food at the same time as warning of the dangers of I-can-barely-pronounce-the-names-of-the-chemicals-that-went-into-it ‘food’ !
      And we can vote with our feet… I no longer even venture down the ready meals sections of our dear supermarkets! (Or the crisps aisles, or the confectionery aisles, or the pudding sections, or the drinks sections…!)
      After a lifetime of bad food habits, I’ve finally decided to give my body what it truly likes and truly needs. I’m well on my way to ditching practically all of the empty calories that I used to consume. My portion sizes and frequency of meals are so modest now that I’m trying to make every single mouthful count in terms of flavour and nutrition too!

  5. EatwithNamie

    Happy to meet other like-minded people who focus on feel-good, home-cooked food. People should get over one food diet, low-something diet because everything we eat will nourish our body and soul as long as it’s fresh. Keep up the good work and thank you for stopping by my blig. :)

  6. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    I love this idea! We tend to call out all of the “bad guys” in our food chain rather than focus on the foods that will make us healthier and happier. I have been trying to reduce the amount of processed foods in my diet and move over to homemade, whole foods. I love that it makes me feel better on the inside and look better on the outside!

  7. ericam95

    This is SO true! We focus on all the things we shouldn’t be eating instead of the abundance of food we most certainly should be eating. Love this post, short, sharp and simple! xx

  8. zadista

    As you know, I just recently adapted this lifestyle. One thing I can say is depressing to me, is that I did believe (at least subconsciously) that eating the “right” foods would make the weight disappear and sadly it hasn’t. However, as keeps getting pointed out to me by one of best friends and motivators, I’m not doing this to loose weight. I’m doing this to get and stay healthy and in time my body will adapt and change to what ever shape it’s suppose to be. We aren’t all going to be thin. However, we ALL can be eating the healthiest food possible. Thank you for the “like” have a wonderful day and keep on living and eating healthy!

  9. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    I can only agree with you, it’s not that easy to lose weight. When I changed my eating habits, I lost a few kilos and was amazed! But they were only the ones I had put on during summer. Now I’m back to normal, although I do notice a tiny tiny weight loss every two weeks or so. I think patience is the key and health should remain the main focus. Have a good day too and keep healthy :)


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