How running became possible


As a teenager I had the desire to run but in all honesty I wasn’t very good. I don’t know why, but I would get so exhausted that I’d have to stop after about 15 minutes! At some point I decided to train with my sister, but even with training, the longest I managed to run for was 35 minutes and I thought I was going to die! My face was as red as a tomato for the rest of the day, and I didn’t even enjoy it.

About 10 years later, two years ago, I decided to go to university. This was certainly the biggest challenge of my life. Rebel teenager, I had left school at the age of 15 and worked as a nanny pretty much since then (not that rebel). I took a few courses in the meantime but never went very far. Anyway, I passed my 1st year in nutrition and health at uni (with a 2.1 yay!!) and one of the modules I was taking was biochemistry. It was the most difficult subject, however I managed to get 60% at my exam. In shock, I threw up when I realised what I had achieved, I swear this is true! That summer I decided there was nothing I couldn’t do and tried running again after a 10 year break.

The 1st time, I ran 15 minutes and felt tired but okay. The 2nd time I ran 20 minutes, about 3 kilometres, and the 3rd time I ran 10k. I know, it’s not how you’re supposed to do it, but I did it. During that run I kept on thinking: “I’ll run 1 more kilometre then stop”, but I didn’t feel tired. So I kept on going. Of course, the days following that run, I could barely walk down the stairs, even walking down the road proved to be a challenge! And guess what, I hurt my knee. What a pain. I had found an amazing way to get rid of stress, feel healthier, listen to loud music when I can’t turn it up too much in the house and feel happier overall.

Well I have had to rest my knee for 3 months but I am back on the river paths now and am loving it more than ever!

This is my story and how running became part of my life and my well being. Without trying to sound sentimental, I guess the message I’m trying to spread is that  n o t h i n g   i s   i m p o s s i b l e. Giving yourself a challenge may lead to another one and gradually make you achieve something big, who knows?

Anyway, enough faffing about. I’m going for a RUN!

12 thoughts on “How running became possible

  1. cheeriofatty

    I hated running as a child (especially all those brutal cross-country runs we were forced to do at school!) But I started running around the back garden a couple of years ago. Like you, I started off modestly. Then increased the time gradually. Unfortunately, like you, niggling injury put paid to that! But I was enjoying the running a huge amount. In order to prevent the kind of injury that an uneven garden and/or unreasonable weather will lead to, I have now begun running in earnest at the gym on a treadmill. With the radio/music/podcasts to keep me company, I am enjoying this immensely too. But it’s still early days. I’ve crept up to about 24mins at a steady 7.4mph. I’ll see how far I can go.
    Well done for your wonderful running achievements and thank you for inspiring me to continue on my journey to nowhere in particular!

  2. quinslittleride

    There is so much truth in what Alix has written. Do not be overwhelmed by the thought of a big goal or dream. By taking little steps towards a goal you will surprise yourself with what you are capable of achieveing. I enjoy doing a little cycling. My body tells me when I have not eaten the right foods. The legs are heavy, the energy is not there. When I eat well I eat up the kilometers. It is all pretty simply really……..

  3. quinslittleride

    Ha ha. Yes, I remember the day very well when you went for that first run. Reading your blog made me smile as it was a day where we both began to pursue our goals and dreams. Looking back it is amazing what we have both achieved over the last year or so. Keep it up girl. Cyber High Five!!

  4. Kristina at damntenpounds

    I can’t believe you ran a 10k on your 3rd try! Seriously impressive! Doesn’t surprise me though… someone who works that hard in school has to be pretty determined in the first place. I’m glad you got to a place where you could become the runner you always wanted to be :) Feels amazing, doesn’t it?


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