How to deal with a tough time

1. Not by sitting on the sofa all afternoon eating cheese and bread

2. Not by buying a chocolate bar on your way to a dinner party

3. Not by creating an argument with a friend. Definitely not.

Yesterday morning I felt great. Enthusiastic, cheerful, looking forward to a busy Sunday. Busy with projects that I care about, dinner with people who I care about and who care about me. T’was going to be a good day.

But somehow, throughout the day, things did not go the way they were meant to and suddenly, before I knew it, my whole world was falling apart. Oh it was all in my head. But I lost faith. I know, just like that. You guys must be thinking : “Whaaat?” … “Weirdo”. But the truth is, that happens to me sometimes. And I did all of the above.

Emotional eating is bad. A woman I met last week told me this:

“It starts during childhood, when people give food to their kids to keep them quiet. Or when parents go: “Here, have some ice cream (or chocolate) it will make you feel better.” But does it really? At that moment, sure. But later, when they develop a habit of comfort eating? And look at themselves in the mirror hating their reflection, do they really feel better?

And I said: I think that, to a lot of overweight and underweight people, there is an emotional link to their eating patterns. And she said she believed that all of weight management issues are linked to emotions.”

I don’t know the stats on that, but eating comfort food when feeling sorry for yourself DOES NOT make you feel better. It really doesn’t.

8 thoughts on “How to deal with a tough time

  1. quinslittleride

    I agree it is so tempting to load up on junk food when days just do not go the way you want to. What works for me is to just get through the day, have a good dinner and go to sleep as early as possible. For me there is no point sitting up all night thinking about what went wrong that day. It is done. I cannot change it. When I wake up I know that bad day is in the past. It is over. Forget it. Move on. With that new sunrise comes a fresh start. Somehow those burdons from the previous day seem far less important as I have a new day to make the most of.

  2. hystericalrunner

    Urgh, this sounds very familiar… I definitely blame PMS – it doesn’t take much to tip me over the edge and for me to go from a la-la-la Disney fairy to an ogre. It is impossible to resist taking it out on a chocolate bar though! I try to avoid emotional eating or reward myself after my runs but sometimes it is just impossible to avoid. Mind is a muscle though, I find. It is possible to train your mind to push yourself that much further with exercise so it should be possible to do the same to stop eating junk food – I struggle though!

  3. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    I’m working on it but I also think it’s possible. After running I think the perfect treat for my body is some healthy protein, healthy fat and healthy sugar for hydration and recovery (ie: fish or organic meat, coconut oil or olive oil, plenty of veg and legumes and coconut water) (or if it’s breakfast, scrambled eggs fried in coconut oil, with rye bread and a handful of berries and coconut water). We’re not doing ourselves any favour when we eat Galaxy bars (arrgg! I love them)

    1. hystericalrunner

      I think the post-run eating is where I fall foul. I am never hungry after a run and you should really get some decent proteins and carbs within 20 mins of completing the run. I usually just make-do with a glass of skimmed milk, chocolate milk or a protein shake. And I LOVE rye bread! I am Finnish and to me that is the real bread – I just have to be careful with it as too much fibre = gingerbread man. :-) I will have to start training that willpower muscle more when it comes to chocolate… I know a lot of people can have a conversation with themselves about “Are you sure you really want chocolate? Or is it just that you need something for your blood sugar? Have a banana instead”. Wish I could!

  4. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    I love rye bread too! And I’m French! I love French bread though, don’t get me wrong, whenever I go back to France, it’s baguette, pain de campagne, croissant etc… But it’s doesn’t make me feel very good. In fact I don’t miss it when I’m here. Rye bread is also my favourite here in England. Anyway, I’m sure you can resist the chocolate if you decide you don’t want it, it’s a matter of finding something else that will give you the same effect. And it can take a bit of time to find out what. On this note, have a lovely day.
    Alix :)


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