Morning run in morning sun


I went for a run this morning, not long after sunrise, before heading to uni for my 11am lecture.

What an amazing morning! The sun was shining, and reflecting on the river. Birds woke up in a happy mood, singing, as me and my friend jogged by. While city workers were making their way to the station, we enjoyed our early outing in the village. Exercising definitely needs to be a part of my healthy resolutions. I am aiming to go again on Saturday and try make this a twice a week thing from now on. Exercising + nature + healthy breakfast = ultimate well being.

As we say in France:  P U R    B O N H E U R


At uni, outside the cafeteria

2 thoughts on “Morning run in morning sun

  1. hystericalrunner

    Morning runs are the best. I love doing VERY early ones (0515) – London is quiet with only the odd car, some urban foxes and a number of other nutty runners. Once we get closer to summer it will only get better as you can catch the sun coming up – now it is still dark, even after I get home after the run. Running is the best kind of mood enhancer.

  2. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    This is so true. I need to try getting up earlier more often. I love running when no one is around, it makes me feel like London (or wherever I am) is mine for this privileged moment. And sunrise on the river: YES! Can’t wait for spring and more bearable temperatures


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