New Year’s resolutions: a month later

It’s now been a month since I decided to eat better quality food and a little less carbs. Thinking about it today, I realised I cut down on wheat a lot. I have been eating rye bread, rice and oats, chick peas, and lentils as forms of carbohydrates but very little wheat. I wonder if the fact that I’m eating less gluten now is the reason why I have lost weight and am feeling more energetic in the afternoon…

I have to be honest though, I had a bad day where I gave in and had a lot of milk chocolate digestive biscuits. But I found them too sweet and had a sore stomach after eating them (probably cos I ate too many). Yes, them being too sweet didn’t stop me. It was a cold afternoon, I was tired and had been craving them for a while. Well, it’s done now, I don’t think I will be craving them again.

So what have I been eating instead of pasta, bread and biscuits?

Think “nutritious food”

I feel I should stretch the importance of eating a varied diet. Too often we focus on eating less carbs or less fat. It seems all we read in the paper is about evil saturated fats and cheap refined carbs. But instead of constantly worrying about that, why don’t we turn this around and think of all the healthy, colourful, tasty and nutrient-rich foods that are around?

This past month I have been eating delicious soups that contain more than 5 types of veg in them, salads rich in lots of nutrients coming from nuts, avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, salmon, chicken, green beans, green leaves, berries, seeds etc. I didn’t find any of what I ate boring or tasteless. It’s up to me to season it and make it interesting using spices.

My version of Jamie’s Sweet Potato and Chorizo soup

Tip: If you take a look at the vegetable area in the supermarket, it’s got so many different kinds of veg! But if you’re like me, you tend to always buy the same 3 or 4. So now when I go grocery shopping, I try to buy some veg I haven’t tried before. The other day I bought an “onion squash”. Had never heard of it before. But it looked like it would go well in the Jamie Oliver soup. The one I mentioned before, calling it “Butternut squash, chorizo and curry soup”. It’s actually called “Sweet potato and chorizo soup” if anyone was looking it up. But I make it with butternut squash instead of sweet potato because the carb content of butternut squash is lower. And it’s delicious. The recipe comes from his book: Jamie’s Ministry of Food. I like this book because it has easy-to-follow recipes, nutritious, and tasty. (I will post the recipe in the recipe page)

Butternut Squash vs Sweet Potato per 100g

Butternut squash, cooked

  •  9.05 g carbs
  • 40 calories
  • 36.2 calories from carbs


Sweet potato, cooked, without skin

  •  17,72 g carbs
  • 76 calories
  • 60.88 calories from carbs

5 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions: a month later

  1. Jana

    so true about buying the same stuff over and over again! It so applies to me too! Grocery shopping day tomorrow and I will definitely look for some new veg to try!

  2. Zahra

    Hi Alix. I LOVE your blog! And I loved this post…mmm, chick peas, oats and lentils – some of my favs! It’s a little weird maybe, but I’ve started eating chick peas straight from the tin! Why not? If you can snack on apples and bananas, you should definitely be able to snack on kidney beans and chick peas! I’ve also been trying to vary what fruit/veg I eat, but buying them singly instead of in bulk, so I get a little bit of everything each week, rather than a whole bag of apples and a whole box of kiwis! You’ve given me an idea for a resolution later on in the year – I might try cooking with a completely new food I’ve never had before. Although I did have samphire last week with salmon. Ever tried it? Salty but yummy!

  3. Eating well in 2013 Post author

    Hi Zahra, thanks for your message! I have never heard of samphire before and am now curious to try it. I just read that it grows on coastal areas so that makes me think it must be loaded of iodine which is great as we need iodine but tend not to eat enough of it! I’m with you on the chick pea subject as well, nothing wrong with eating it as a snack! And yes, buying fruits singly helps you eat a variety, totally agree. What new food will you try next?


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